PIPE CLEANER creatures

There are so many different creatures and objects you can make. Even just googling 'pipe cleaner crafts' will give you hundreds of ideas. So buy a big pack of pipe cleaners of assorted colours and sizes and choose the ideas that catch your interest. Below are the ones that we fancied.

 We keep our caterpillars in our fruit bowl.

We used the following materials:
- Pipe cleaners
- Beads, coloured
- Googly eyes
- Glue
- Pom poms
- Yellow jewel stickers (for bee eyes)
- Pencil (to wrap pipe cleaners around)

For the caterpillars, we threaded beads onto pipe cleaners & then left a little at the end to twist around in a tight spiral for the head & glued on a googly eye. We bent the beaded pipe cleaner into a caterpillar shape.

For the bees, we wrapped them around pencils and then glued on a pompom for the head and jewel stickers, googly eyes and antenna's also. The wings we just twisted and stuck into the back and wound them around the bees body so they would stay. Don't forget about the bees stinger.

My three year old made the bee below all on her own.