List of materials needed:
26 pieces of A4 paper or cardboard
Hole punch
Magazines, old books, or books from an op shop that can be cut up

To make, use:

- One page per letter

- Draw the letter about 5cm by 5cm anywhere on page then you can cut out lots of pictures of things beginning with that letter and stick them around the letter and write what the word is.

- Let your child colour in the page or draw their own objects beginning with that letter if they would like.

- This can be done over weeks as you can do just one or a few letters in one sitting.

- Once all the pages are done, put about 5 holes (using hole punch) down the left side of paper/cardboard and then tie with your ribbon. You can staple it, but make sure you cover the fronts and especially backs of the staples with sticky tape. These can be dangerous for small children to get their hands on.

- Spend time on each page talking about all the things beginning with that letter. Fill the entire page with pictures.