This is so funky and will bring loads of fun to everyone making it.
You will need
  • a small tuna can (95g)
  • 20 wooden pegs (will give you a spare in case of breakage)
  • paint
  • glitter
  • glue
  • decorations to stick onto pegs -stickers, lace, material
  • blue tack
  • a tea light candle
  1. Paint your tuna can whatever colour you choose
  2. Paint all or some of your pegs (wait until dry before decorating)
  3. Decorate pegs with craft materials
  4. Blue tack candle to middle inside of tuna can (then you can replace when finished)
  5. Clip pegs around edge of tuna can
  6. Add any extra stickers or decorations you would like to pegs
Perfect for a gift or just for yourself......

Thanks W :-)