4 handy tips for at home

  • Because I meal plan, sometimes at the end of the week I have left over vegetables which would go off before I could use them, so I cut them all into cooking size and put into amounts I will use per meal then into zip lock bags, label and freeze, so next meal I can just throw them straight into the meal and cook.
  • When making fruit salad, if I only have 1-3 fresh fruits left in the fruit bowl, I grab a tin of fruit salad and add that to bulk it up. (I always have spare tins of fruit in cupboard).
  • Disinfectant wipes are my most favourite cleaning item. Fantastic for a quick clean on ANYTHING in the house. Especially before visitors arrive.
  • I also try once a week to wipe down (with disinfectant wipes) door knobs/handles, light switches, remote controls, laptop and our mobile phones- things that are touched endlessly by many hands and therefore contain many germs. These are the places we all forget about.