To make your life easier, create a cleaning basket. This way you can carry it around with you to each room as you go. You can include anything you use when cleaning, but Ive made mine basic for just the everyday things in the home to be cleaned. Leave it in your laundry or hall cupboard, out of reach from children and somewhere easy to grab out when you want to do a quick clean. You can even keep it all in a green bag.

In your home cleaning kit include:
  1. cleaning sprays (I use vinegar and water in a spray bottle)
  2. bi-carb soda - amazing for scrubbing practically everything
  3. cleaning cloths/rags
  4. scrubbing brush
  5. disposable gloves (for the yukky jobs)
  6. 2 plastic bags (for putting dirty cloths in once used)
  7. small cup for water (great for mixing bicarb with water)
  8. Duster (if required)
I also have a couple of more heavy duty cleaners but they are kept separate and only pulled out when individually required. For us with children, vinegar and bi-carb soda can do wonders in cleaning our home and is safe around children and pets.

I label everything because I have a few scrubbing brushes- one for cleaning showers/ bathroom sinks, another for cleaning around the kitchen area and one for my kettle. Although they are different colours, people can forget, so a simple "cleaning basket" in permanent marker across the top makes sure it stays in the right place.

I also label my spray bottles as I have normal vinegar in some and apple cider vinegar in other bottles.
I keep the spare plastic bags so once Ive finished with a cloth, I can place it in a bag while still going and then either throw them out or re-wash (depending on what they were used for and how dirty they become).