Design all your own CARDS

If you have children, they will love making cards, you can just do the writing. People will love receiving handmade cards because its much more personal and a lot more effort goes into making them. If you don't have children, you can still make your own funky cards by just purchasing some blank cards, stickers and a few scrap booking materials. You can pick these materials up quite cheap and it will be a quarter of the price of buying cards when you are making lots.

You will need:
  • blank cards (or buy sheets of cardboard and cut to size and fold)
  • glitter, feathers, sequences, foam shapes, pom poms, ribbon
  • craft glue, sticky tape, roll on glue (any will do)
  • stickers
  • paint (paint your child's hand and get them to put their print on the card)
  • textas, crayons, pencils (you can also trace your child's hand- that's cute too)
  • scissors (for adult use)
  • any art and craft materials will be fantastic
You don't have to just do a normal rectangle or square card, cut out different shapes or letters. Try using scissors that have crocodile teeth, that looks really effective.