ALL PARENTS: Dont be so hard on yourself

As parents, we want to be the best mother or father we can be to our children. We want them to look up to us, to see us as their hero, to feel safe, love and guarded by us but most importantly we want our children to be proud of us.
I know from my own feelings and talking with other parents, that most of us wish we were doing a better job, wished we did more arts and crafts with our kids, wished we played with them more and wished our houses were cleaner and that we had more family time and less work time. But as I said to a friend today...

If we as parents spent as much energy on continuing to do what we do everyday for our children and household INSTEAD of stressing about what we could or should do better, then we would all have perfect homes and perfect families. But you know what? I think that would be boring. Stressing (moderately) is normal, sweating the small stuff is normal, feeling like we could be doing better is normal... and we have all been there or are constantly there.

We will always question ourselves as parents, we will always want to be a better parent, and I think that's healthy, we should stride to be our best, to always want to improve things. If we didn't we would become complacent and then we would slip into not being all we can be.

I want all parents to remember, that when you have those days when you doubt yourself or question the way you are parenting and look at what you could be doing more or less of.... know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, there is always another ten thousand of us parents all over the world, no matter what country, feeling just the same, and people possibly feeling much worse.

Next time you have gone mad at your child and are feeling guilty or have put on the TV for hours or days on end instead of taking the kids to the park or backyard.... remember there are children with much worse parents and more terrible things going on in their lives.

So as long as your children are happy, healthy and know they are loved by you, that's all that matters. Now go and give your kids the biggest hug and kiss and tell them how much you love them, THAT DOES MATTER!!!! Those are the things your children will remember...............