LAMINATOR- my essential item as a mum

If there is one item I would highly recommend buying as a parent, it would be a laminator. On special they can be as cheap as $15-$20.

They can be used for so many projects, activities and for gifts.

Once the kids create their master pieces, laminate them and they are a perfect gift for grandparents, family and friends as a placemat or a bookmark.

I also always laminate art work my kids have done which are really important to me or a favourite of theirs. One day I want to look back at the first time they drew a person, wrote their name or wrote "to mummy", these are the ones I have made sure are laminated to protect them as my treasures.

When making bookmarks:
  • Cut out paper the shape you want the bookmark. Be creative, make different shapes like hearts, squiggly snakes, zigzags, stars.
  • Get the kids to draw on one side.
  • Stick photos of the kids on the other side.
  • Hole punch the top and add some ribbon.
These make beautiful and very special gifts.