Just a few ideas I have enjoyed making for my kids. If you don't have time for Halloween day itself, the kids will still enjoy all of this on the weekend.

I made my own "Halloween matching pairs" game. I found pictures I liked, then printed them out twice and laminated them into squares.
Please note: when I cut the squares of laminate, I always round the edges as they can be quite sharp for little ones if you leave them square.

I also raided our balloon pack for orange only and made my own "pumpkin balloons".

I printed out my favourite "colouring in pages".

Once I had a few bits and pieces, I added them all to a party (loot) bag which I already had. So the kids have it all in their own little bag. Or you could buy one of those Halloween buckets from a variety store or your local supermarket.

Don't forget "orange food" for morning tea like carrots, peaches, orange jelly, cheezels, oranges, burger rings, mandarins and steamed pumpkin.