Jelly Art for BABIES

My children had their first painting experience at 4 months old. Another fun painting activity is painting with jelly.

Make jelly as packet instructs, then once set and cool, pop your baby in their high chair and add a few blobs of jelly like you would paint and let them become a mini Leonardo Da Vinci.
They will love this and there is no need to worry about hands in mouths and wanting to eat it this way.

This is a great sensory experience for your baby.

If they seem unsure about the feeling at first, you get your fingers or hands in there with a big smile and a positive voice, show your baby that its OK and something enjoyable. If it doesn't work, try another day, because remember this is all new to them so it could take a few turns.

Try using a different colour jelly each time so that visually it offers a variety of colours to your baby.

You can also add different textures after a while. Begin with plain jelly and after the 4th or 5th time add some poppy seeds- these are great as they are safe to eat and too small to be able to choke on.