A fun activity for BABIES

  • Cut out coloured pictures from magazines or books you no longer need. Also going to the markets or second hand book shops is a great way to pick up cheap kids books with lots of colourful pictures that you can then cut out and use.
  • Contact (clear adhesive paper) the pictures to the floor in the areas your baby spends most of their time. You need tiles, lino or floor boards, obviously carpet is no good.
  • Talk with your baby about the pictures and what is happening, who is in it and what colours there are. If it is an animal, you can make the animal sound.
  • Change the pictures each week.
  • You can even let your baby help choose the pictures, by letting them sit with you while you are choosing the pictures from books and magazines. See which ones your baby points out.
This is a great activity for your babies cognitive (thinking) development. Cognitive development includes a child's thinking, recalling, analysing, problem solving, remembering, decision making and overall the construction of their thought processes.