HOLIDAYS with kids- Here's a list

I made a list of everything I needed to take as a checklist so I could tick it off as I packed to make sure I didn't forget a thing.
THERE IS SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH when you have kids. Also organising neighbours/friends to feed the animals and collect the mail, making sure the house is all closed up, appliances and electronics turned off at the power points and having the bags ready to go the night before so they can be packed in the car, ready for a smooth first morning of holidays.

The essentials list:
  • clothes, including spares, a variety of warm and cool clothes
  • hats, sunscreens, rash shirts, swim suits and insect repellent
  • nappy bag with essentials
  • baby panadol and nurofen (just in case)
  • thermometer
  • toiletries for everyone 
  • camera and video camera
  • snacks for the kids in the car/ferry
  • portacot (unless you are hiring)
  • pram/stroller (unless are hiring)
  • towels and linen (if not provided)
the extras:
  • portable DVD players and DVDs
  • camera chargers 
  • spare discs and SD cards for the cameras (nothing worse than running out of space on day 3 of 7)
  • recording your favourite TV shows while away (I will not miss my favourites)
  • a few of the kids favourite toys to keep that comfort and familiarity around 
  • I'm sure there are still another 14 things you'll remember as you pack...
Obviously I am unable to list everything each individual family will need due to your holidays length of stay, destination and climate as those will alter everyones list.

The portable DVD player for kids in the car or on a plane will be your saviour.

If you don't have a small and basic first aid kit in your nappy bag or suitcase, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do this before you go. Someone always needs a band aid. We keep a small portable one in the nappy bag at all times which includes
  • 10 adhesive dressing strips
  • 5 adhesive mini strips
  • 5 adhesive square squares 
  • 5 alcohol cleaning wipes
  • 2 antiseptic wound wipes
  • 1 disposable CPR face shield
Its basic but will assist in treating minor cuts and abrasions.