FANCY FRIDGE MAGNETS to hold your art

When your children create masterpieces of art, instead of sticking them to the fridge with blu-tack or boring fridge magnets, make some fancy peg fridge magnets together and then you can show off 2 lots of masterpieces - these look great!

You will need:
  • coloured cardboard which you can cut to any shape you wish
  • scissors
  • one peg per magnet
  • craft glue
  • craft accessories- pom poms, glitter, sequences, anything bright that stands out
  • small magnet to glue on back
  1. You need to cut 2 shapes matching for each magnet as there will be a front and back with the peg glued in the middle
  2. The magnet is glued to the back piece of cardboard
  3. The front piece of cardboard is decorated
  4. Wait for each individual piece to dry before gluing them all together
  5. If you make smaller shapes and the peg shows (as pictured on smaller magnet), you can also paint or colour the peg with texta
  6. You can make any shape, animal or alphabet letters for the child's name
  7. These are great as gifts for family and friends too!