Make your very own UNDER THE SEA creatures and ocean

 Making an "under the sea" theme room or wall has been a favourite of mine over the years. It can be made over days of doing different craft projects.
You will need:

  • Blue crepe paper (the type in rolls is best)
  • Blu-tack (to stick crepe paper to roof, glue is no good for this part)
  • Scissors (Kids make sure adults are helping)
  • Assorted craft materials like glitter, ribbon, sequences, off cuts of materials, shells, sand, googly eyes, stickers, cut up magazines, textas (markers) and buttons
  • Cardboard to cut out sea creatures
  • Kids craft glue
  • Paints
* Cut out different sea creatures, then glue an assortment of crafts onto them.

* Hang crepe paper at different lengths from the roof using the blu-tack. This is to look like the water and really gives it a 3D feel.

* Choose a room, wall or space that you can make your under the sea area.
* Keep it contained so its more effective by having the fish and sea creatures swimming close to each other and the crepe paper hanging just in front from the roof- say one metre out from wall.
Here some ideas for sea creatures
  • fish
  • sharks
  • dolphins
  • crabs
  • octopus
  • seaweed
  • coral
  • treasures chest with gold
  • seahorses
  • whales
  • stingrays
  • turtles

* You can add anything to do with the ocean so BE CREATIVE.
* Cut circles out of paper and paint them blue - these can be bubbles placed all over the wall.
* You can stick sand to the creatures which looks great.

  • Use this experience to talk to the kids about the ocean and all the creatures that live inside.
  • You can also print out colouring in sheets of the sea creatures.
  • I like to always make this project last the whole week by making one thing each day and usually leave it up for 2-3 weeks.
  • Talk with the kids about what each creature looks like - its colours, shape and size.
  • You can imagine together what it would feel like - slimy, prickly, smooth, rough, hard.
  • Talk about other things that the ocean is used for to extend creative thinking. For example, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, tubing, scuba diving, boat trips.