BANANAS- Cheap again wohoo!

After Australia experiencing an increase in banana prices last year, for a lot of families bananas were no longer a part of the everyday shopping list but more so a treat or luxury every so often. Now prices are back down and bananas are extremely affordable.
This morning I picked up bananas for .99 cents a kilo at our local supermarket which is the cheapest Ive seen them in a LONG time, I have been paying about $2-$3 a kilo since the price increase. 

Of course I grabbed a couple of bunches so I could build a little stash in my freezer for a rainy day or just in case the prices soar again. Living on one wage, every little thing like this helps and really adds up in the big picture.

I use bananas at least a few days a week for smoothies. Our family LOVES them. Whether its banana or mixed fruit smoothies, we love throwing a banana in.
To save time and money, I freeze 1-2 bananas with skin off, per bag and keep in the freezer so I can pull them out as required and it helps make the smoothie nice and cold too.

If you have bought bananas and they become too ripe for your liking or go brown, don't throw them out, this is the perfect time to peel off the skin, put them in a bag and pop in the freezer. Often they are the tastiest smoothies as the banana has a nice strong flavour. Sometimes when mixed with other ingredients, the fresher bananas don't give a flavour as tasty.
For this reason, I will leave the bananas in our fruit bowl so everyone can eat them while they are perfectly firm, then once they ripen too much, whatever is left is when I will feeze them. 

DO NOT freeze bananas with their skin on, it is very difficult to peel them once you take them out otherwise.