Kids- ABC 123 with me....

You will need:
- plastic bottle lids.... 26 lids for the alphabet and as many lids for numbers as you would like to go up to, we did 20. (I used milk & prune juice lids as I wanted 2 different colours)
- black marker
- containers for sorting
I have marked a letter on both sides.

We also collected lids of assorted colours and sizes (pictured in the zip lock bag), just to sort for fun.... for example putting the little lids all together or blues in one container and red in another, etc...
Spell words out, you can easily make double of common letters.

We love separating them into different categories, some ideas are:

- Even numbers/ Odd number
- Colours (I let my toddler pick out each colour and put them into separate containers)
- Size (small in one container, big in another)
- Vowels (A, E, I, O, U)

This should be a FUN activity, not homework. You can mix it up in so many different ways. Change the types and sizes of containers as well.