Arts, crafts and kids activities don't always have to be hard work. As busy parents, often we feel there is not enough hours in the day, so trying to think of different things to do for the kids can seem like a lot of work and that you don't have the time.

This is just a quick, simple and easy idea for those days when your kids need or want to do something artsy but you don't have a lot of time.

All you need is:
- Paper
- Glue stick
- Scissors (for adults use, unless kids are old enough to use scissors)
- Old magazines, junk mail brochures or old newspapers.

I always have pre-cut pictures, letters, shapes and objects from old magazines and junk mail that I keep in a small container. As I'm going to recycle the magazine, I skim through quickly to cut out anything that looks of interest for the kids.

When I need that quick activity to entertain my toddler, I pass them a piece of paper, a glue stick and the container of cut outs. This can entertain kids for a while if you have provided a few sheets of paper and fun things to paste.

I have attached pictures of our latest pasting collage, which took me a total of 5 minutes to cut out pictures, hand over the paper and glue stick and set up my toddler at the play table.

Ideas of things to cut out:
- animals
- kids
- body parts (eyes, ears, nose, feet, hands)
- brightly coloured objects
- nature (trees, leaves, sun, clouds, flowers)
- food
- letters and numbers are great to spell out words and your child's name.

Its FUN, SIMPLE and ENTERTAINING. Especially when you have characters and bright pictures for them to choose from. Have fun!