KIDS CANVAS arts & crafts

I buy assorted size canvases anytime I see them on sale at the discount stores. These foam shapes (ladybugs & leaves) and plastic flowers can be picked up from a craft store or a discount store as well.
You can also purchase foam sheets and cut your own pictures and shapes out. Add some craft glue to the making and the kids are set.

We saw ladybugs in the backyard so decided to make our own garden. Let the kids go for it, they will have a blast.

Another idea is to paint the canvas first, so give it a blue or green background rather than always the plain white.

I also use old Cd's- if you have any that no longer work or have been scratched and don't play properly, recycle them to your arts and crafts supply. Use these wonderful canvases to decorate your children's bedroom walls or the playroom walls. They can then be enjoyed everyday and your child can feel very proud of their handy work.
You can also use:
- beads
- 3D objects like the mini pegs, craft dolls, pom poms.
- glitter