FIRST AID - Know CPR and first aid for your KIDS.

This is such an important issue that unfortunately people are not informed enough about, therefore putting our children and family at risks which could potentially cause serious harm, when we could be preventing them.
There are so many ways you can do first aid these days, there really is no excuse. Prices vary and even a cheap course (although it may not be as thorough or contain the same qualifications as more expensive classes), are better than having nothing at all.

Organise to do a weekend course with a friend or a family member like one of your parents or siblings. They will be spending time around you and your family, so having them know first aid too, will only be a benefit for you.

Often if you can get a group together, some courses will offer a reduced rate.
There are online courses you can do, so if you are unable to attend courses or live where there are none, this is always an option.
The benefits are priceless- you could save someones life!

.....I started this post because as my blog says, this site is also for everyday tips, but mainly because today my husband was stung by a stingray. At first he thought a crab had nabbed him and said ouch but then immense pain began in his ankle and within half an hour the pain became extreme. We were out, but on our way home, so as soon as we walked in the door I jumped on to google stingray stings. I'm so glad I did, because we would not have known the steps to take. Both having done first aid, we remembered stings to be ice and vinegar to help pain and swelling. But a stingray is different.
- You must stay calm and take yourself to a doctor/hospital because when you are stung the stingray release a venom. Also the barb can remain inside the wound. So medical help is your first concern.
- If medical attention is not possible immediately, control any bleeding.
- Then washing the area and sting with soap and warm water is important.
- Next immerse the sting wound in fresh water as hot as you can stand without burning yourself or place towels soaked in hot water on the sting for atleast an hour. This is because the venom is protein based and the hot water neutralises it.
- Intense pain can last up to two days but the first 30-90 minutes are worst.
- You can also use a topical antibiodic to reduce chances of infections and help reduce pain.
In saying all this above... I do hope that none of you have to ever experience this as the pain is terrible.

Be safe, always swim at a patrolled beach by life guards and make sure you have someone with you at all times when swimming in all types of water.

But most importantly- LEARN FIRST AID, it could save you or one of your families lives.