Teach your child their address- VERY IMPORTANT!

Knowing their address is generally a good thing to know, after all, it's where they live. It is great for their cognitive (thinking) skills, helps with their memory and is fantastic for learning numbers, letters & words.
As well as learning about their town, state and country.
This is especially important in the unlikely event they could get lost or separated from you.
Well there you go.... the benefits are endless of knowing their address.

Use a piece of paper and write down the following (as pictured)
"We live at
1 Lake street
Queensland Post/ Zip code"

Laminate it and pop up on a wall in your child's play area.

Then your part as the adult is to go over and over and OVER your address again and again and AGAIN!

Hard work.... not really, time consuming.... not really, but remembering to do this often.... yes, that is the hardest part.

We have taught our kids their address at 2.5 years old by continuously going over it. And I don't mean at the one time in just an hour of repeating yourself.

- I mean as we are driving home, I will say "Oh we are just about home, we are nearly at 1 Lake street, Rainbow Town".
- Then when Daddy gets home from work I say "Let's tell daddy where we live.... it's 1 Lake street, Rainbow town".
- At different times through the day I will say "remember we live at 1 Lake street, Rainbow town".

It was less than a week when our kids started telling us our address themselves. It is super cute hearing a 2 year olds tell you where they live.