MAGNETS - Home Made & Personalised

We all have them.... You know that random collection of magnets on your fridge from business' that you have accumulated over the years?! If you are like me, I have very rarely looked at these for the actual details on them, really they just become holders for whatever I want stuck on the fridge.
Now with this great idea they are gone and we have fun, funky and kid friendly magnets instead, although still using the same old magnets from before.

Get stickers of the kids favourite characters. For this I will show our "Minnie & Mickey" magnets.
I placed the stickers all over the old magnets making sure I utilised as much of the magnet as possible by laying the stickers down as close to one another as I could.

Then cut around the stickers in the shape of the character.
PS. If you do need the contact details of some of the companies on the magnets, don't forget to add them to your address book before you start this activity.