Press your BUTTERFLY to life

I'm sure we all remember doing these as kids. Now I am making them with my kids. Easy, simple but fun and effective.
- A4 paper
- Coloured Paint
- Glitter
- Decorations
  • Fold an A4 sheet of paper in half, either way and push firmly to make crease. Open up flat again.
  • Drop a few small spots of paint on the middle crease. Too much paint will just ooze out ends.
  • Close back in half then softly and slowly with the flat palm side of your fingers, slowly sweep from the middle of the paper out to spread the paint.
  • Open up to reveal your surprise masterpiece.
  • After doing one, the kids will get the hang of it and what happens and then they can make designs more on purpose, like making wings.
  • The pictures usually end up looking like a butterfly or some of ours look like aliens.
  • Once dry, we decorated these with little gold gem stickers and glitter. They are a favourite in our house.