St Patricks Day Arts & Crafts

I have just drawn up my own St. Patricks day pictures for my toddler. We made a normal 3 leaf clover and then a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end and lots of 4 leaf clovers as a border.
Picture 1
Picture 1
  • draw a clover with texta
  • cut up scrap pieces of coloured cardboard (we used green and a little pink)
  • put glue over entire clover
  • then sprinkle over cardboard pieces

Picture 2

Picture 2
  • draw a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end, lots of 4 leaf clovers around the border
  • colour the rainbow first (we used textas, you can also use paint)
  • glue on yellow pom poms for the GOLD
  • we painted the 4 leaf clover with green glitter paint

This was just a simple, easy but fun art project to get into the spirit for St. Patricks day