You will need:

* Balloons
* Playdough (click here to see playdough recipe)
* Permanent markers
* Ribbons

- Roll some playdough into a large thick snake.

- The adult will need to stretch open the balloon as wide as possible.

- Get your child to stuff the playdough snake into the balloon while your holding it open.

- Push out any air bubbles you can see and then tie balloon closed.

- Decorate with markers and tie a ribbon around the top (optional).

- Squish your playdough mate into which ever way you want, push in where his mouth or eyes are.

- You can make him talk and roll a nose too if you want a more 3D effect.

- Make a few of them for playtime. My daughter carried her squishy balloon mates with her everywhere and they held together really well.

- A great stress ball for the parents too haha :-)