Non Chocolate EASTER IDEAS

Easter does not have to be all about chocolate- yes I'm sure for a lot of people that's their favourite part, but here are some ideas for a FUN Easter that does not involve all the sugar!

- Having an Easter hunt with plastic eggs full of assorted surprises. Easter Bunny used things he knows our children would love. Which at the moment, they are obsessed with textas (coloured markers). So he used highlighters to match the coloured egg.

- Easter Bunny has hand made pointers and signs for the kids to follow around the house and yard to find the eggs and then he will hide eggs everywhere.

- Also little chicks are hidden in eggs. They are cute and cuddly and all kids will love opening their surprise egg to find a baby chick.

- We also have beanie babies in eggs.

- There are small and large plastic eggs so you can mix it up. These were from the supermarket.

- We have ceramic eggs for them to paint and decorate.

- We have foam eggs for them to stick feathers and sequences to.

- We will boil eggs the day before so they can paint these also.


- Paper bunny masks with elastic

- Paper baskets to collect our eggs in

- Bunny and Egg colouring in sheets

- Cardboard Chick cut outs with feathers and sequences to decorate