Make a craft stick box to hold all your trinkets. They look great, are fun to make and you can design it your own way with your own colours and decorations. Use this as a guide then you can be as creative as you want, you can even make lots of different kinds for keeping your things.

You will need:
  • 60 coloured craft sticks (paddlepop sticks)
  • Decorations of your choice- letters, foam shapes, glitter
  • Glue
  • Drill and nail (OPTIONAL- if you would like a swivel lid)

1) line 12 sticks up side by side (vertical)
2) horizontally glue 2 sticks (1 across the very top of the 12) & another across the bottom, to hold the 12 original sticks together.
3) repeat steps 1) & 2) to create both a lid and a base
4) select which one is the lid & put aside
5) gluing 2 sticks at a time, grab the base and place glue in each corner.
6) press down each stick on the ends of those holding the 12 together to form a square of craft sticks glued to the original 12. Two sides of the square will b raised, 2 will be directly glued to the original 12.
7) put glue on each corner and press down 2 sticks to build a craft stick square.
8) continue until you run out of sticks.
9) you can either just sit lid on top or make a swivel lid by drilling a hole in the best corner w a tiny drill bit then slip in a very thin nail and hammered down until neat. Be careful not to split the wood. Pre drilling prevents this. The lid then swivels off.

# please note: 60 sticks will have allowed for a few spare.

Thank you very much D and S for your help :-)