Coloured EGG SHELL pictures

You will need:
* A dozen clean dry egg shells (minimum).
* Food dye
* PVA glue
* Paper and black marker

As you need so many eggs, I had been collecting them over a few weeks until we did this activity as I used about 2 dozen.

After cracking open the shell and using the egg, you will need to rinse the shell to remove all residue. Set aside to dry and then crush shell until in small pieces.

Separate shell into bowls evenly and add about ten drops (more if required) of food colouring, a different colour for each bowl. Mix well until all shell is coloured. Set aside for ten mins.

You can then grab some PVA glue, draw an outline picture on paper and let your children fill the picture with PVA glue and then drop on coloured egg shells.

We drew hearts and filled each heart a different colour.

You can draw shapes, letters, numbers or even draw animal outlines.