Using materials you already have at home- Pasta necklaces....

Using materials from home to design your own art is an inexpensive way to entertain your children for hours.

Home made necklaces and bracelets with objects from around the home is a fantastic quick and easy activity.

Its worth having a spare pack of tube pasta and string in your cupboard at all times for those days when you need an activity on the spot.

You can also add so many different materials to this activity to mix it up. Materials used....

You will need:
  • Pasta tubes or Macaroni
  • Paint or textas (or food colouring if you want to dye)
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Mini coloured patty pans (optional)
  • String, wool or ribbon (thread)
  • Scissors & Sticky Tape
  1. Measure your thread to fit your childs neck- allow extra for tying it up at the end or you can sticky tape it.
  2. You can just thread tubes straight onto thread and tie/tape at the ends or....
  3.  Paint or colour with textas the pasta tubes (you can also dye in food colouring).
  4. Roll in glitter or add glitter glue to jazz them up.
  5. Once dry the kids can then thread the pasta onto string and design it themselves.
  6. They can add mini coloured patty pans as they go between the pasta (about every 5 tubes or so) for extra effect. See top picture.