A fun TREASURE HUNT in your house

  • You can choose any items for this, absolutely anything can be your treasure.
  • Have a list of items for the child so they know what they are searching for .
  • For smaller children who do not read- draw pictures of the items they need to find.
  • Give your child a magnifying glass for an extra bit of fun (I bought the one pictured for $3 from our discount store).

You may hide items for an activity/project you will then play, so it extends the play time. If your plan was to make animals and shapes from playdough, hide the assorted shapes and rolling pin. This may include 10 items like
1 rolling pin
5 aminal shapes
1 playdough confetti tube
3 playdough stamps
When doing this with younger children, hide everything in a small area, like your lounge and hide in simple places like behind a pillow.
Older children will want a little more challenge, so you can spread the items out over the room or rooms.

You can also hide a new colouring book and pencils, so rather than just giving them straight to your child, you can make a fun game out of it. This is great for their memory skills as well, as they will read the list or look at the pictures and try to remember all the items as they walk around searching.

You can also set up a treasure hunt with random objects from home or new things you have bought, just remember to provide your child with a list or pictures of what they are looking for, otherwise your house may be turned upside down :-)