Shaving Foam Hand Painting

One of my favourites for kids of all ages.... You only need a

- Can of shaving foam (Use sensitive foam if you prefer)
- Food dye, colour of your choice

A couple of blobs of shaving foam, a few drops of food colouring and let the kids go crazy.

A few different ideas and handy hints to try.........

- Once your child has smoothed out the foam, you can write letters or draw pictures in it which looks great.
- I use the high chair for under 2 years and our plastic play table for 2+ years old.
- I keep a damp flannel (washer) close by so once they are done, I can wipe hands immediately before they touch anything else.
- For a different idea, when the kids are finished I print their art by placing a blank sheet of white paper over the top and gently pushing down to take an imprint of what they have done. Once dried they look great.