Kids- Here's 26 fantastic ideas for Mums Christmas present.

If your the mum reading this, pass this list along to hubby or someone who will help your kids make or buy these great gifts for you for Christmas ideas. With over a month to go, there is plenty of time.
  1. A new diary or pretty notebook and pen
  2. Handmade voucher to help with chores (help vacuum, wash the car, set the table for a week)
  3. A variety of herbal teas and some hot chocolate with a "mum" mug
  4. Make a book mark - cardboard, textas, glue, craft materials (laminate if possible)
  5. Breakfast in bed with a flower picked from your garden
  6. Frame your hand and feet prints
  7. A CD of her favourite music
  8. Make your own flower bouquet by picking flowers from your garden
  9. Voucher for a facial, manicure or pedicure
  10. Picnic at the beach or park
  11. New funky mobile phone cover, you can get some really cute ones or design them online with a personalised picture
  12. Canvas painting designed just by the kids- blank canvas and paint
  13. Pair of earrings
  14. Hand make a bracelet- all you need is some pretty beads and elastic
  15. Bath salts and a scented candle
  16. Frame a picture drawn by you just for mum
  17. Pair of slippers 
  18. A cookbook
  19. Make a cake together and decorate on your own to surprise her
  20. Subscription to mums favourite magazine
  21. Make mums bed for her and tidy your room (without being asked)
  22. Massage voucher
  23. Design your own book by drawing pictures or pasting on photos and writing a story about them, do about 5-10 pages then staple them all together and put sticky tape over the staples (one of my favourites)
  24. Buy her a novel- find out her favourite author
  25. Perform a song or show for mum- dress up and act out a play or sing a song
  26. Box of chocolates.