Have THEME DAYS with the kids

If your at home with your kids during the day or even on the weekend when they are home from school, organising fun theme days is a fun and interactive activity that the whole family can be part of. You can include just the family or have a play date with a few little friends or even make a party out of it. The theme days can be held weekly, fortnightly or monthly- whatever suits you and your family.

Dress up, decorate the playroom, make food to match and plan activities around this theme.

Here are some ideas to choose from:
  • Jungle theme day
  • Space theme day
  • Pirate theme day
  • Colour theme day
  • Beach theme day
  • Teddies bear picnic
  • Your football team theme day
  • Animal theme day
  • Circus theme day
  • Under the sea theme day
  • Halloween theme day
  • Butterfly theme day
  • Masquerade theme day
  • Arts & Crafts theme day
  • Zoo themed day
  • Dolls tea party
  • Pyjama party theme day
  • Music theme day (like a disco/karaoke day)
  • Child characters theme day (Dora, fairies, shrek)
  • Hawaiian theme day
  • Magic show/tricks theme day
  • Letter theme day (dress and make things beginning with "K")
  • Around the world theme day (great to learn about different countries & cultures)
One full example I have given is an Australia theme- yellow & green or red, white & blue.

Costumes- Crocodile Dundee, the crocodile hunter, koala, kangaroo, Ned Kelly, lifesaver, your favourite Aussie sports star or singer

Activities- play backyard cricket, football and grip ball, make Australian flags (rectangle cardboard, red, white & blue paint and sticks for the poles), make a swag-mans hat with corks and gum leaves, face painting

Food- lamingtons, Anzac biscuits, damper, make a cake the shape of Australia, pavlova, skewers on the BBQ.