Create your own NOVELTY PENCIL (name plaque)

These look fantastic and once made you can glue on letters to make your child's name and hang on the front of their door as a name plaque or on the wall for everyone to admire their handy work. Either way, they are so much fun to make.

You will need:
  • coloured foam or cardboard
  • scissors (get an adult to help)
  • glue and/or sticky tape
  • coloured paddle pop sticks
  • black texta (to make tip)
  • ribbon or string
  • craft letters for your child's name
To make:
  1. Cut a piece of coloured foam or cardboard to the shape of a pencil like the ones pictured (using two colours looks great, just do half and half and use sticky tape or glue to stick them together). These are 18cm long by 4cm wide
  2. Glue paddle pop sticks on lengthwise
  3. Cut out a small black triangle to glue on as the tip of the pencil
  4. Glue or sticky tape some ribbon or string on the back from each end so you can hang your child's pencil
Making a mini pencil
12cm long

You can make any size you want. You could buy extra large paddle pop sticks, or use craft coloured matchsticks for mini ones, as pictured.

Thanks D :-)