Kids- make your own SQUID

plastic bottle squid
You will need:

- Plastic bottle (like a soft drink bottle)
- Ribbon
- Googly eyes
- Foam or material to cut out for mouth
- Kids craft glue
- Fishing line and flat tack (for hanging)

- Adults will need to help dip tentacles into boiling water

  • Remove labels off plastic bottle
  • Cut off the opening about 5cm down from the top
  • Cut slits for their tentacles up 3/4's of the way up the bottle
  • Tie a rubber band around the top of the tentacles to pull them all in together, glue over ribbon to cover the band
  • Dip tentacles into a saucepan of boiling water for about ten seconds or until you see tentacles curl up
  • Place in cold water to set
  • Decorate squids face by gluing on eyes and mouth

If you would like to hang up your squid:
- Attach fishing line with a flat drawing pin to the centre of the top of its head.

Happy Fishing!