Make HOUSE CLEANING EASY with a simple roster

Having a simple easy roster where you nominate a job or room to clean each day, will make life so much easier but most importantly free up time for you to do the more important things like spending time with your children and family. Either make up your own roster or use one like mine (Family Organiser).

My roster has each of our family members names across the top with individual commitments underneath on the appropriate day.

The last column is what I use for my "house cleaning roster". Below I have listed what I have written in for each individual day. I can easily check this out each morning to keep on track.

Of course you can be as flexible as you need and swap jobs around if the need arises, but this is a fantastic guide to keep you on track and make sure the whole house is taken care of, without missing a thing. It has worked wonders for me.

- Vacuum (you may split this if your house is big and say "vacuum bedrooms")

- Bathrooms

- Kitchen

- Meal Plan (I will sit down and organise the following weeks dinner menu and shopping list of what I will need)
- Any jobs that need to be done again or if I had missed a day due to other commitments

- Vacuum (if your house is big, say "vacuum lounge dining, etc")

- Bathrooms

- Bed sheets (strip and re-make all family members beds and pillow cases)

I use one of my family organiser sheets. They come in a pad of 52 sheets, one for each week of the year and the pad is magnetised so you stick it straight onto your fridge. These are designed to put the family members names along the top and their individual jobs and/or activities, appointments, etc for the week underneath.
But you can use it for anything. Like how I have added my cleaning roster for the house also.

Having a roster or written organiser makes life MUCH EASIER, so make your own or get ones like mine. Its just about being organised and having a plan for you and the kids to look at.