I have printed out this list and laminated it. Its now stuck on my children's bedroom wall so I'm never out of songs to sing....
  1. You are my sunshine                  
  2. Ring a ring a Rosie
  3. Open shut them                             
  4. 10 green bottles
  5. Ta ra ra boom de ray
  6. Put a spot over here
  7. Row row row your boat  
  8. Its raining its pouring                             
  9. Do your ears hang low
  10. Shoo fly don't bother me    
  11. Polly put the kettle on
  12. Jack and Jill         
  13. Hey diddle diddle
  14. Hush little baby    
  15. Looby loo
  16. Little bo peep      
  17. The wheels on the bus    
  18. I'm a little teapot    
  19. How much is that doggy?
  20. Miss Polly had a dolly      
  21. Twinkle twinkle
  22. Baa baa black sheep  
  23. Incey wincey spider
  24. Mary had a little lamb   
  25. Hickory dickory dock
  26. Mary Mary quite contrary  
  27. Humpty dumpty
  28. Sing a song of sixpence   
  29. Three blind mice
  30. London Bridge   
  31. Pussy cat pussy cat
  32. Little miss muffet  
  33. Old MacDonald
  34. Five little ducks      
  35. Pat a cake
  36. I love you, you love me  
  37. Its a small world
  38. Pussy cat pussy cat   
  39. This little pig
  40. Daisy daisy      
  41. Ten in the bed
  42. Rain rain go away    
  43. When all the cows are sleeping  
  44. There's a hole in the bucket                 
  45. Five little monkeys (jumping on the bed)
  46. Five cheeky monkeys (swinging from a tree)
  47. ABC (alphabet song "now I know my ABC's)
  48. Galumph went the little green frog
  49. Doe a deer (Sound of Music song)
  50. Heads shoulders knees and toes
  51. If your happy and you know it
  52. 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive
  53. These are a few of my favourite things (Sound of Music)
  54. My Bonnie lies over the ocean
  55. Boom boom ain't it great to be crazy
  56. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
If you are interested in a particular song but not sure of the words, contact me and I will send you the words :-)